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Design Heals is an Independent 501c3 focused on using design and furniture to improve lives and create homes. To date, furniture and design donations have been made to domestic violence survivors, homeless shelters, refugees and foster children. Design Heals is a volunteer-run organization that accepts donations and projects year-round. 10% of every staging fee at Parker Staging goes toward Design Heals.


Design Heals is a non profit organization utilizing the creativity, talents and resources of our design team to create a positive change in the lives of those who are faced with adversity and challenges.

Born out of the realization that everyone; no matter their situation is affected by their surroundings.  Design Heals create spaces to promote unity, peace and balance in an otherwise unbalanced world.

Our focus is on foster children, battered women and those battling cancer.  To volunteer with Design Heals, send an email to